Wash, Rinse, Sanitize Sink Labels for 3 Compartment Sinks [3 Stickers each 8 5/8″ x 2 5/8″ ]

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  • Designed to clearly and vividly label a three part sink industrial sink for compliance purposes and produced to withstand steamy conditions every day of the week in commercial kitchens.
  • Color coded: red is “wash”, blue is “rinse”, and green is “sanitize” so you can easily identify which compartment is which. 
  • Printed in both English as well as Spanish in large clear lettering effectively communicating the compartment’s purpose to everyone in the kitchen.
  • Incredibly easy to apply, with easy to peel off backing
  • These vinyl stickers are printed in the United States with an extra laminated coating on them to ensure longevity. Our stickers are built to last in damp conditions because we know they will get wet daily and want to make sure they last for years to come!

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It is critical to label your sink compartments not just for compliance purposes but also to ensure your workers know the proper procedure for cleaning the dishes. The proper process for dish cleaning is: pre-wash (scrape or rinse off large food particles), wash, rinse, sanitize (with a sanitation solution tested to make sure it is safe and in the correct concentration), and then air dry the dishes.

Our labels are made from a high grade vinyl plastic with a thick laminate coating. The coating enables these stickers to be waterproof as well as UV resistant, as a result of their quality our adhesives are able to last years in the most rugged conditions.

Our signs are backed with a high quality, long lasting permanent adhesive. This enables them to be stuck on most backsplashes or directly on the sink bowls without peeling even in the harshest conditions. Self-adhesive wash rinse sanitize sink labels can be simple to stick on any various clean, flat surfaces after peeling off the backing, including stainless steel, glass, aluminum, metal, sinks, refrigerators, compartments and more. Application is easy – simply ensure the application surface is free from dust, peel off the sign from the backing, and apply the sign to almost any surface. After it is applied you can use a credit card to smooth out any bubbles. This sign will not apply well to rugged brick walls, rusty metal, old wood, bumpy plastic, or fabrics.