Test Strips for Every Application

Guaranteed To Be Accurate


We get it, regulations are hard to comprehend and expensive to follow. This is where we come in. As test paper experts, we can be the link that aids your business to economically become compliant.


We sell test products. We specialize in test products. That is what we do and we have an intimate understanding of the products we sell. Contact us and we are confident that we will find a solution for your needs.


We have – and utilize – our ability to make products to virtually any specification for our customers. We service many industries such as laboratory, education, food production, and even products up to military standards.



All of our products and raw materials are sourced from reliable manufacturers and tested during and after manufacturing to make sure our products exceed your expectations and produce consistent, reliable results. Quality color charts are vital to reading the results of our test strips. To ensure the final product is of the highest quality, we have them mostly printed in laboratories that check the accuracy of every batch of the color charts.



Our objective is to enable our partners to glean savings on their compliance, quality control, and laboratory tests while providing products of the utmost quality. We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of products, while maintaining quality and accuracy. We believe good business is relationship driven. As a result, we always look to work with our distributors and customers to ensure their success. Consider us a partner in your endeavor.