Neutral Litmus Paper [Vial of 100 Test Strips] for Acidity/Alkalinity Testing

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  • Neutral test papers turn red in acids and blue in bases

  • 100 easy to use, pre-cut strips

  • Comes in a splash proof vial to protect the strips

  • Each paper strip is .25″x1.75″

  • Perfect for science experiments and when a precise value is not needed.

Neutral Litmus test paper tests to see if a solution is neutral, or its acidity/alkalinity. The Neutral Litmus test paper does not come with a color chart as it cannot provide you with a defined pH value, but will let you know if you are handling an acidic or basic solution. The test strip will turn red if dipped into an acidic solution (pH <7) or blue if dipped into an alkaline solution (pH >7).

Remove one Neutral Litmus test paper from the vial, being careful not to touch the strip anywhere other than where you grasp it.
Dip the strip into the solution to be tested for 1-2 seconds and remove.
The test strip will turn red in seconds if dipped into an acidic solution, or it will turn blue if dipped into an alkaline solution.
NOTE: The solution must be water-based.

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