pH 3-6 Short Range Test Strips [Bag of 50 Strips]

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  • 50 pre-cut single use strips enable easy, convenient, and rapid testing of solutions

  • Vivid colors and blocks in increments of .5 enable more precise readings than wide range tests

  • Plastic strips enable you to test without risk of touching what you are testing and eliminates risk of finger staining.

  • Perfect range for testing sushi rice, salsa, and kefir. Always test discrete samples.

  • Proudly made in America out of high-quality high contrast plastic and materials.

These 50 strips are conveniently packaged in a zip bag. They are premium quality strips made in America and have a vivid color chart, enabling the easy determination of pH to half a unit. The chart has color block matches at [3.0][3.5][4.0][4.5][5.0][5.5][6.0]. This narrow range enables the easy determination of pH of solutions within that range than standard wide range tests.

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