Lead Acetate Test Paper | for Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide [Vial of 100 Strips]

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  • Our easy to use, precut strips are perfect for detection of hydrogen sulfide in all kinds of water without the need for other reagents

  • Our pocketsized vial is perfect for portability and to protect the strips from the elements – ensuring longevity of our products

  • Testing takes only a few seconds

  • The strips have a two year shelflife, so you can save the strips you do not need now for later

  • Proudly made in America

Our Laboratory Grade Lead Acetate Test Paper detects Hydrogen Sulfide in water in concentrations as low as 5ppm. Use this test paper to test your drinking water, well water, groundwater, or air.


Dip the test paper into the water for a few seconds, and remove.

At approximately 1-3ppm, the white paper will start to turn grey.

As the concentration increases, the color of the paper will turn darker up to 400ppm.

You can also moisten the paper with distilled water and place in an area where Hydrogen Sulfide is thought to be present (an acetate buffer is not necessary).

Note: Lead Acetate test paper does not cross-react with thiols, thioketones or mercaptans: these, if present, will produce a negative response.

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