Challenger MX25 Dipslide Incubator


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  • Developed to work in the most hostile environments with a clear shatterproof lid

  • Controls located under the lid to prevent accidental adjustments

  • Universal, worldwide power supplies provided

  • 37 degrees Quick-set reference point

  • 2 year guarantee for manufacturing defects and workmanship

The Challenger Dipslide Incubator case is easy to wipe clean and robust enough for most hostile work environments. The ergonomic location of the controls under the lid eliminates the risk of accidental adjustment while the unit is in operation. The incubator is fully solid state with no moving parts, and element switching is transistorized and designed for constant long-term operation. Electronic and mechanical safety protection shuts down the unit in the unlikely event of overheating.

Connectors for power cables and associated fuses are located on a convenient panel at the rear of the incubator. The Challenger runs from 12 volts DC and the mains stays at the adapter/plug, thus reducing risk in situations where the incubator could be used with liquid samples or wet hands. It includes interchangeable power plugs for UK, Europe, America, & Australia, as well as Automatic voltage selection (110 or 240 volts mains). Use in a vehicle simply requires the addition of a cigar lighter cable if required.

The Challenger is supplied with a power pack and spirit thermometer, ready to plug in and go. Temperature and status indicators are safe from knocks under the lid.The heat reservoir chassis provides even heat distribution and rapid heat recovery to a set temperature. This is a great advantage when large volume, cold liquid loads need to be brought to temperature quickly to ensure accurate results. It also holds latent heat during operation, adding thermal inertia to keep the temperature stable.

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Weight 168 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in