Ranger MX45 Dipslide Incubator


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  • Aluminum heat chases provides even heat distribution without the need for a fan

  • Designed to be used anywhere in the world – with multiple power supplies

  • No Moving Parts ensure longevity of the incubator

  • Chemical and Oil Resistant case

  • 2 Year Warranty on parts & service

The Ranger Dipslide Incubator is designed for life in the field or in vehicles with its robust case resistant to oil and chemical environments. It can even be fit to an auxiliary battery so the incubator is a permanent installation. The incubator is fully solid state with no moving parts, and element switching is transistorized and designed for long-term operation. Safety is a priority, so the Ranger runs from 12 volts DC, and the mains stays at the adapter/plug, reducing risk in situations where the incubator could be used with liquid samples or wet hands.

The Heat Reservoir Chassis technology holds latent heat during operation. By surrounding the chamber with a precision aluminum chassis, we ensure superb and even heat distribution without a fan. The chassis also stores thermal inertia so larger, cold liquid loads (such as the Coliform tests) are brought up to temperature quickly. It offers faster and more accurate results ahead of any similar products, and the efficient design ensures that drain on the vehicle battery, while on 12v supply, is kept to a minimum.

The interchangeable power plugs for UK, Europe, America, & Australia, together with Automatic voltage selection (110 or 240 volts mains) allow use anywhere around the world.

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Weight 130 oz
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 9 in