30 Pack pH Buffer Calibration Solution Tablets, pH 4.00, 7.00 and 10.00, Color Coded, Precise and Easy Calibration of All pH Meters [30 Tablets Total, 10 at Each pH Value]

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  • EASY TO USE – Simply drop one tablet in 20 mL of distilled water and wait 90 seconds.
  • TONS OF TABLETS – This listing provides 30 tablets total, 10 tablets at each pH value.
  • BETTER THAN POWDER – These tablets have a 3 year shelf life! Tablets are tidy and more precise compared to messy powders.
  • COLOR CODED – Each pH buffer produces a different color liquid ensuring you always know which pH solution is which.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE -Test tablets allow for you to create fresh calibration solutions at any time! Tablets remain the most consistent and reliable reagent format available, delivering maximum accuracy for the user.

Our new pH buffer tablets are the most environmentally friendly way to calibrate your pH meters. Instead of being packaged in a large plastic bottle or in individually wrapped, wasteful packets ours are packed 10 tablets to one compact, easy to store sleeve
Sealed in airtight, foil packaging, our tablets will last and remain accurate for five years. Powders tend to be messy and require all the powder from the pouch to be poured into your liquid solution, otherwise it will not be accurate. Bartovation pH tablets eliminate this problem, allowing you to easily press one tablet out of the blister packaging. This also enables these pH tables to have an industry-leading margin of error (+/- .05 pH for each tablet)
This item comes as three, ten tablet sleeves, one sleeve for each pH value (4,7 and 10) that are designed to calibrate a solution at 25 °C.

1. Dissolve one pH buffer tablet in 20 mL of deionized water
2. Wait 90 seconds, no mixing necessary. After time elapses, the buffer calibration solution is ready to use!

pH 10 will produce a green solution, pH 7 will produce a yellow solution, and pH 4 will produce a pink solution.