Molybdate Test Strip 0-350+ ppm [Vial of 50 Strips]

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  • This test strip is calibrated at 0, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 350+ ppm, and gives results in just seconds.
  • Packed in moisture wicking bottle, protecting the strips from the elements
  • Instructions and color chart printed directly on the bottle so you never lose them
  • Can be used to test Molybdate, a common corrosion inhibitor in the water treatment industry
  • Proudly made in America

The Molybdate test strip detects molybdate levels from 0-350ppm in increments of 0-25-50-100-150-200-250-300-350ppm. Molybdate is commonly used as a corrosion inhibitor in the water treatment industry. Molybdate is effective in chilled or hot water systems over a wide pH range and is not normally affected by the use of biocides, such as chlorine. When used alone, molybdate levels of 300 ppm or more are needed to effectively inhibit corrosion.
This can be expensive, and therefore most molybdate-based inhibitors include other ingredients that enhance the overall inhibition properties and reduce the amount of molybdate needed. This test strip can provide an economical means to monitor ppm levels. Consult with the manufacturer of the treatment chemical being used for details on the concentration of molybdate to be maintained.

Dip the Molybdate test strip into the solution for 1 second.
Shake off excess liquid and compare to color chart within 10 seconds.


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