Restaurant Sanitizer Iodine Test Paper, 0-50 ppm [Vial of 100 Paper Strips]

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  • Easy to use strip requires no additional chemicals

  • Quick and accurate results

  • Small portable & waterproof vial with 100 strips and color chart

  • Great for BOH compliance requirements and avoiding hefty fines

  • Proudly made in America


Use these chemically treated paper strips as a quick Test for sanitizer strength. Compare color change to included Chart for easy-to-read results. Strips and color Chart come supplied in a waterproof plastic vial.

These strips detect Iodine in solutions in increments of 0, 12.5, 25, & 50 ppm. Disinfection with Iodine occurs between 12.5 ppm and 25ppm. These iodine strips are calibrated and designed to be perfect for testing iodine-based sanitizers in a restaurant and/or a professional kitchen.

1. Use dry fingers to remove one strip of test paper from the vial.
2. Dip the strip into the solution being tested for 60 seconds and hold the strip still.
3. Remove and compare immediately to the color chart while the strip is still wet.
4. Compare the strip to the color chart in the vial for a reading.

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